This is a speaker that came with one of the AC30s I bought from Marcus Hardy. The holes are circled.

W A R N I N G ! Marcus Hardy is not an honest businessman. I made this page so people would not get ripped off by Marcus Hardy the way I did. Here is what you get for one of his $1650 Vox AC30s in "all original excellent condition":

Speakers in terrible condition (see photo)

Corners and handles non-original or missing completely

Top boost "factory add-on" was done by Marcus himself-- incorrectly! Brilliant channell doesn't even work.

Tolex patched with non-original reissue vinyl,
many other non-original hardware parts


COntact your local INTERPOL office. You can also contact the INTERPOL office in Hull, England (closest to him).
The guy in charge of Marcus' case was Darren Couzens last I heard

. If you were ripped off by Marcus Hardy PLEASE email his service provider, Netdirect, and complain.
Hopefully, they will yank him off the web for good! Here is the address:

. . . .

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