Park Amplifiers

Welcome to my Park Amplifiers page! I got hooked on Park amps after buying my first one out of the classified ads in 1988 or 1989. I went and looked at it, tried it out, and went home undecided (It was missing the logo). Two days later I called the guy up and bought it for $350. He even found the missing logo. Shortly after this I knew then that one day I would own one of the early top mount amps. Now that I do, I have decided to put a few of them on my web page. Enjoy.


1. Park 45-Watt Top Mount
2. Park 45-Watt (Normal)
3. Park 50-Watt
4. Park 50/75-watt
5. Park 75-watt
6. Park 100-watt
7. Park 100-watt Rock Amp
8. Park 2x12 and 1x12 Combos