Photographs and other stuff by Ian Harper

Concert Report: S.L.F at SLIM's, June 16, 2006

Ian McCallum and Ali

Belfast native Ricky Warwick opened up the show with an acoustic set and told the story of going to see SLF in the early days and how it changed his life. Of course Ricky went on to his own fame playing in the Almighty but is now out promoting his solo record. He came out to mingle with the audience and of course watch SLF's set as he is still one of their biggest fans.


Jake and Ricky Warwick after the show

SLF drummer Steve Grantley rocks out!

Here is as much of the set as I can remember:
Tin Soldiers, Roots Radics Rockers Reggae, Nobody's Hero, Fly the Flag, Doesn't Make It Allright, Strummerville, Guitar and Drum, Bits of Kids, Wasted Life, Johnny Was, Suspect Device, Alternative Ulster



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