COLLECTIBLES: The First Single

Original Cover, First Release
Left: There are actually at least THREE major variations in the release of the first single, "Suspect Device / Wasted Life." The original cover is shown at the left. These sleeves were hand-pasted together by the band and friends, and the "SUSPECT DEVICE" is rubber-stamped on in red ink. To the best of my knowledge, there were no more than 1500 of these made, and it could be much fewer. The band photo on the back is a high-contrast black and white image, with a torn edge. Released solely on the Rigit Digits label, this is truly a punk-rock "DIY" single, unlike the first releases of bands such as the Clash, whose first record was on a major label (CBS).

Right: The second variation of the front sleeve was a higher-quality printing job, and the red lettering printed as well. These sleeves were folded by machine too. The back (not shown) was also printed to look like a photograph, instead of photo-copy quality, and the torn edge is removed. (Note: The "1500" could include this version.)

When the single was finally released by Rough Trade, the Rough Trade logo was added to the back, and the sleve printed on a higher quality stock. (Variation #3)


Cover on Second and Third Releases

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