Blow Chunks Faster with *DNFBar!

The average person has enough energy in
stored body fat to swim from Santa Cruz
to Ano Nuevo and back three times in a
row. Of course, you'd most likely get
eaten by a great white shark but this is
entirely irrelevant!

The unique DNF*Bar formula,
with its correct ratio of 40% fat, 30%
alcohol and 30% lactic acid will give
you consistent results.
Its important to remember the benefits
of not completing an event. If you drop
out early enough, you get to hit the food
tables even before the winners! Available
in two flavors: Choke-Cherry-Berry and
Beer'n'Banana. DNF*Bar is not
available in stores, so see your coach or give
DNF Nutrition a call today to get on
the special diet plan, including one month
supply of bars.